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20. November 2016
I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity through my hikes, yoga classes and tours to get to know to very inspiring and nice people. For example on Saturday I did my third hike with Yoga and meditation and 14 very lovely and inspiring people joined me and shared Yoga, meditation and their personal story with me and the group. It is so much fun for me to connect myself and others and being in nature. Actually after coming back from visiting Germany a week ago I fell into a deep hole... Well,...

25. February 2016
After 2 years of being abroad I am back in Germany in Münster. I was quite nervous to come back. How would it be after 2 years? How am I now? In addition it wasn’t easy to leave Barcelona. In the last weeks, especially when quit my job in the CallCenter, I realized that I had a life there. I lived there for more than 8 month.I made very lovely friends in Barcelona and I lived the last 2,5 month with lovely people together who became like a family for me. And I met someone who I like a lot......

01. October 2014
Nelson! I am finally there. So many people on my journey through Canada recommended to me that I have to go there and everything went just great when I made my decision to take the bus to Nelson. I arrived the weekend before I would go to my Wwoofing place. So I had enough time to settle in and discover the village. I liked Nelson immediately and loved the atmosphere there. It reminded me about Kinsale in Ireland. Very alternative and Hippie like. Lots of creative energy. I loved it!

21. September 2014
I was very happy to be in Vancouver again and at the Jericho Beach after I changed all my plans and left Vernon. I stayed for 5 days in Vancouver and everything felt great. My Yoga teacher training in Nelson (BC) would start in mid October therefore I checked out what I could do until then. I had some ideas but I also check out what my agency SWAP based in Vancouver would recommend to me. Coming back to Vancouver was just great. On the next morning after my arrival I had a nice breakfast and a...
11. July 2014
After almost 6 month of going from one host to the next I decided to take a break and take the real backpack life. That means to explore Spain and live in hostels. I went first to Seville because everyone I met told me it is very beautiful and shouldn't miss it. They were right! It is very beautiful and worth to see. My next destination should be Cádiz. I already organized a so-called blablacar which I didn't need in the end... In Seville I had a great reunion with an old friend of mine from...
07. February 2014
Galway was a complete new experience for me in every way. The mirror of happiness :-) I experienced the first time CouchSurfing, nice homemade Pakistan food and what to do with the green pepper (ok it was already too late but now I know it for sure...), where the term lynch law comes from, how to call a German chef in the kitchen and about Galway's meaty water... And don't forget about the Travelers.
10. January 2014
My personal travel book I dedicated this post to my great family and friends who supported me every time during making my plans. I'm very happy to have them. This post documents my last days in Muenster before I finally flew to Ireland and which final preparations were necessary like: Where will I store my stuff? What to leave there? What to pack...? Anything else?