Thank you very much for your visit on Urban Amazona!

I am...

Jeanine Pötter Münster Germany


...Jeanine  (1981) and I am from Germany in Muenster. Urban Amazona is my "baby" that was born in 2014 when I decided to quit my busy and well-paid job after 11 years working for an IT-Provider. I sold the most of my stuff on eBay, moved out of my apartment and started travelling. Before I left  did an education as BDVC certified Professional Business Trainer and learnt different coaching methods and how to concept seminars


During my travels I have learnt a lot about myself and I set my inner child free again and follow my curiosity. I became me again. I learnt again the appreciation of simplicity, came back to my female side and energy, how to connect with Nature and how great it feels to be in Nature.  


On my journey I volunteered in different countries, learnt in Ireland how to meditate, learnt different languages, did a Yoga teacher training in Canada, took massage classes in Spain and Mexico and attended there courses about the Ayurvedic lifestyle.


 Since 2014 I'm a Yoga teacher and teach Yoga worldwide. I lived for a while in Barcelona and call Mexico my home since 2017.  I'm organizing different mindful Yoga tours, Yoga classes, Intuitive Collage Workshops and other fun events  for you. 


Now I'm sharing my experiences and knowledge with people who would like to change something in their life and do more of what makes them happy.  I would like to invite you to join us and get some impulses for your personal journey.




I am looking forward to hearing from you!