Heal your life and follow the rabbit

Sooo before I finally flew to Alicante a lot of interesting and funny things happened which I would like to share with you in this post.

Actually, I felt really sad when I left Tara's family... After 3 weeks I felt so great at her place... 
However, lovely Tara brought me with her boys to the bus station in Cork where I took the bus to Kilrush.
In Kilrush I attended the two days Heal Your Life workshop based on Louise Hay's philosophy. At this workshop I met four other lovely women who attended it with me. Girls, your are so lovely! Thanks for this great weekend. And of course thanks to the great instructors Laura and Monica.
And thanks again to lovely Geraldine who gave me a lift to Galway, hence I could take the bus to Dublin. And thanks that she connected me with her son ;-).
I was also lucky that I booked a really nice hostel in Kilrush where I felt like a family member due to lovely and warm Mary who's husband unfortunately passed away a couple of days before I arrived.
The world is really a village...
And like I already experienced you always met twice in life... In Dublin I ran into an old friend from Kinsale. I was quite surprised when I arrived in my hostel and just thought "I know this tattoo...": Caralee! The woman with the amazing eyes and great deep voice.
● ● ●

The way to Kilrush

The way to Kilrush by bus was quite time taking from Cork and I was a bit concerned if I can store my big luggage atTamara's place in Dublin. We were a couple of days before in contact and it she agreed. But then I couldn't reach her anymore. 

The thing was that I booked a very cheap flight from Dublin to Alicante through Ryanair. The flight was cheap because I booked without any luggage just my small backpack and a small bag.

Anyway, I still practice what I learnt in Dzogchen Bearra and from Louise Hay's book 'You Can Heal Your Life' and it works... I mean thinking positive and be convinced that all what I want to do will work well.

I was quite sure it'll work out to store my luggage at a safe place in Dublin. I was also sure that I'll get a lift to Galway on Sunday from someone and that I'll get the bus to Dublin in the evening. And I did!

Hearty Mary in Kilrush
I'm still very impressed about the openness of the Irish people. For example in the bus to Kilrush I asked a woman when we arrived in Kilrush. She told me that she'll let me know about and gave me some advice what I could do in Kilrush. So nice!

When I arrived in Kilrush I went straight to the hostel which I already booked online. 

But it was closed... I could see through the windows that there was some construction work. Hmmm... I rang the doorbell and tried to phone them but it didn't work.

An elder gentleman came to me and just said: "They live in the house over there. Where the green door is.". Ok. I was a bit upset about this... Why can I book a hostel which is not open?! 

I went to the green door and pushed the doorbell. 

A nice lady with a warm smile opened the door. Mary. Mary apologized very calm for the circumstances and explained to me that her husband passed away few days before. Therefore the restoration and decoration work had to stop at the hostel. But she takes the guests in her house... 

She brought me to my room and said I should come in the kitchen and have some tea.

Well, I had a bit a bad conscience because I was so upset but I didn't know what happened. 

By the way my room was very nice. After putting my luggage in the room I went downstairs into the kitchen. 

Feeling like a family member in Mary's hostel
There was Mary and her son sitting around the table. Her son was by the way very handsome... 

Her son treat me as if I was an old friend of the family. I felt very welcome there.

He offered me first some fruits he was eaten and then he said: "I have to show you something funny on my phone!". He showed me his beer drinking dog Tip. I have never seen anything like that before :-). 

He also told me that he played Gaelic football and his team won the last championship. And he showed me again a pic with his dog Tip and the cup. 

Well, I'm very impressed about Mary that she kept going after the death of her husband with such a positive energy and supported by her family and neighbors.

Great advice!
When I told her that I'll attend the Heal Your Life workshop in Eileen Clairs Holistic Center she told me I should ask them if they could organise a lift to the center for me. 

Well, I didn't think about that... 

I phoned them and they said of course and that someone will pick me up in the morning. So great!
A nice message from Mary in the morning and the surroundings in Kilrush.
● ● ●

Heal Your Life in Kilrush

On the next morning one of the employees from the Holistic Center picked me up at the hostel.
The entrance to Eileen Clair's Holistic Center
I was a bit nervous and curious how the workshop will be. I sat in the waiting room where I met another participant: Geraldine. 

I said 'Hello' and asked her during our conversation if she drives to Galway on Sunday. She said 'yes' with a warm smile and I asked if she could give me lift, then I could take the bus to Dublin. Geraldine agreed again and I was happy!

Open minding weekend with lovely women
I'm really happy that I met four other really nice and lovely women at the workshop which really made my weekend and gave me a lot.

There was great and funny Geraldine with her caravan in which she travels and sleep in it, lovely Ann who plans to buy a caravan, brave Jacqueline from Holland who came last September to Ireland and just stayed and beautiful Bernadette with a big heart for dogs. All of them are so great and it was very harmonious

In the evening we caught up at a pub in Kilrush and had lots of laughter together. 

It was so funny in the pub when Geraldine said that she had a nice son and it would be great if I'm connected with him. She took a picture of me and sent it to her son :-). He sent a pic of him back to her. A really cute guy :-). Geraldine gave me his phone number as well and I sent him a short message that I like his hairstyle etc. 

Afterwards Ann showed me a pic of her son as well and Geraldine said something about competition ;-). Well, I felt very great between this lovely girls.

By the way: Please Ann let me know when you buy your caravan and send me a pic :-).

Quite deep - my experience with family constellations in the workshop
The workshop was guided by Laura and Monica who are very nice and kind. They created a very safe place for us and I felt that I can open myself.

We had a good mixture of group work and single work. There was one exercise I just heard about it before. The so-calledfamily constellations. I took the chance and did it. It was really open minding and after it I felt really relieved. 

Actually, I started to cry very strong when I started with the first family member. But it were more tears of happiness and relief. 

I started with my youngest brother Mitch and told him ( represented by Geraldine) how proud I'm about him etc.

I said that to him in person already but when I told that in this moment I became aware how much I miss him...

Well, before I did this exercise I was still very closed. 

After it the instructors and the girls told me that I would literally shine and they can see my relief. For me it was a way to deal with some unfinished business and it gave me the chance to look at some things with an objective view.

There were some other really great things in the workshop and I can highly recommend to attend it.

My friend Martina from Gort is going back to Germany and she is also a teacher of Louise Hay's philosophy. She is planning to bring that to Germany as well...
● ● ●

All is great and the world is a village...

I was quite tired when I arrived in Dublin. I was so happy when Geraldine brought me in her caravan to Galway and I could take the bus to Dublin. Well, all what I wanted worked out! 

Also I found someone where I could store my luggage. 

My Italian friend Serena who I met in a hostel in Cork wrote me a day before an email and let me know how happy she is that she found now an apartment close to St. Stephens Green in Dublin... Perfect! 

I asked her if I could store my luggage at her place and she agreed. I was also happy to see her again after two month. And I'm really thankful that she helped me!

And when I arrived in my favorite hostel Issacs I was quite surprised to see Caralee there. I just thought: "I know this tattoo...".

The poor girl missed her flight back to America and had to stay some days longer in Ireland. How funny it was that we both stayed in the same hostel...

Things to do in Dublin
Caralee and I made an appointment for the next day and I showed her some places in Dublin. We were also lucky with the weather... Finally, sun!

I've to admit that meeting her brought some memories back from Kinsale which I thought I had already closed... But in the end it was very helpful to become aware about that and then I could it completely close.

Caralee and I caught up with Serena and I brought my luggage with me. Before that I had to pack my small backpack and it took me actually an hour to decided what I take with me and what I leave in Ireland... But in the end my small backpack was ready. :-).
Ready for Spain!
On the next day Caralee and I met with Serena in front of the Ambassador Theatre where a interesting exhibition took place. A guy builds things just with bricks. Quite impressive as you can see in the following pictures.

Also the price for admission... Caralee just said: "I don't want to buy all the bricks..." :-)
Worth to see
Well, I would be to impatient to build all this things ;-). By the way the three guys with the interesting heads reminded me for some reason of a famous German band... Deichkind!
Alice in Wonderland
Before Caralee left Dublin she went through the city and checked out the charity shops for some interesting clothes. 

She got the idea to follow a guy who looked like that he would know where very interesting shops were. Like Alice in Wonderland she followed the rabbit and found the following place Lucy's Lounge where I went to after I brought her to the bus to the airport and said goodbye.

Such a funny and crazy girl :-). 

I was very glad that I met her in Dublin and could spend some time with her and had nice chats together. Take care sister! You are really great.
The entrance to Lucy's Lounge

Exactly my cup of tea... I had a chat with the very kind sales assistant and told her how great the shop was. I gave her my blog URL and she gave me a flyer of their blog.
My new small bag... I love it! The flyer from Lucy's Lounge and in the background my work for this post. 
Well, I still draw mind maps :-).
● ● ●

Positive affirmations

Well, I'm very convinced that positive affirmation works. Like I mentioned I was sure that I'll get a lift to Galway and reach Dublin on Sunday. And it worked. I was also sure that I can store my luggage at a safe place and it worked out. By the way Tamara's place is not in the city centre in Dublin, hence I'm very glad that I could store my luggage at Serena's place.

Opportunities are everywhere - be open and trust in it
By the way I received an offer for a job close to Granada in a B&B in the middle of May due to someone cancelled. For a bit longer than a week. 

Perfect! I skyped with the lady and it suits pretty well into my schedule.

So, I'm convinced about positive affirmations. It's also important to believe in them.

I learnt in the Heal Your Life workshop that I could enjoy more what I'm doing. 

Well, they are right!

I'm enjoying now the freedom I have and I'm looking forward to Spain and all the opportunities  :-)
Hello Spain! By the way: That is what meditation means... 
"Clear your mind like you are in the sky above the clouds where no turbulence is"... 

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 00:15)

    Anonymous 6 May 2014 21:23
    jeanine, lovely blog, it was so nice having you to chat to on the journey to galway, you , are such a warm person, and im so glad to hear you are having a nice time and things are good.
    i will keep in touch with your blog, great to read, and enjoy, granada, i spent some time there and have a poster up on my wall, if you ever find your self back in Ireland, give me a bell!! lots of love geraldine

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 00:15)

    Ruairidh Irwin 7 May 2014 02:21
    Nice blog Jeanine, kep plugging away and hope everything´s going well for you in Alicante :-)

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 00:16)

    Jeanine 7 May 2014 14:33
    Hey Geraldine,
    Thank you so much for your kind and lovely comment! I really enjoyed to chat with you! Thank you for the tasty rice crackers :-).
    That sounds great with Granada! I'll post here some pics when I'm there. Since I'm in Alicante a lot of funny and great things happened. I'll keep in touch with you and will let you know when I'm in the North of Ireland. Hugs and lots of love Jeanine

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 00:17)

    Jeanine 7 May 2014 14:36
    Huhu Ruariridh!!!
    I'm very happy that you like my blog and that you read it! I'll publish in the next couple of days a post about my first days in Alicante. I'm so glad that I met your guys in the hostel. I'm sure I'll come around. Maybe the next pub crawl again :-). See you!