Calm down in Kinsale and begin of my first workaway job

I took the bus from Cork to Kinsale where my first job in a hostel started. I found it on workaway which is a great page which I highly recommend if you plan to do something similar like I do.

Kinsale will be my first long term stay after exactly 14 days of traveling through Ireland and meeting new people everyday. That means I have the opportunity to calm down and check out some new activities which I can try in Kinsale. Sounds great!

My new favorite place - Poets Corner in Kinsale. 
Great tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes. There I can charge my creative energy and write my posts.

In my first week I had to face different things: learning to calm down, how to deal with homesickness, the Australian accent, representing Germany by playing soccer with Irish guys (yes, I played!), teaching the pronunciation of 'Mertesacker', unexpected help in the storm and how I finally got to James Fort.

● ● ●

I'm a housekeeper now!

When I arrived to the hostel where I'll work for the next 4 weeks I met my nice host Joy there. She is an artist and I could admire her work at the hostel where she displayed it. She explained all my tasks and that my job title is now housekeeper. Sounds cool :-).
At my new workplace for the next 4 weeks
I got my own room which is pretty comfortable and included a fridge. My bed is covered with a knitted patchwork blanket which makes the room even more comfortable. Joy showed me all the rooms of the hostel and where I could find the linen and towels etc.

Long term guests in the hostel
Apart from me there were three long term guests in the hostel. 
  • One was Pat who lives for 7 years in the hostel and was apparently a quiet guy who slept during the day and came out at the evening, 
  • than Declan an Irish student who studies drama school to become an actor and 
  • Dominic from South Africa who wasn't really a guest but used the kitchen and studies outdoor activities.
Australian guest
In my first week was just one guest apart from the long term guest in the hostel. He was a guy from Australia named Kevin with long grey hair which he tied as ponytail and he also decorated it by using a white headband. He looked a little bit like an older version of Kurt Russel. Really an interesting person. He was quite a late riser and not out of bed before 11 am.

Actually, I had really to concentrate to understand him. He told me that he is from Australia but lived in Portugal where he and his 31 (!) years old wife run a bar. She was from Germany. Therefore Kevin knew Berlin very well: "Berlin rocks!" He was also a singer and played different instruments. For example I could listen to his banjo play. Really great!
Kevin's luggage before he left.
I think that gives a small impression about his lifestyle, even the pic is a little bit blurred.
One day he seemed to be a bit nervous and just said to me: "The boss is comin'... Sch's in Shannon now. Da flight was delayed 'cous of the weatha. Couldn't lend in Dublin. Fuckin' drema!". 
I try to translate: His wife was on her way to Kinsale but the flight had to go to Shannon due to the bad weather conditions in Dublin. That was not a nice situation for her and him ;-).

Of course, I was very curious to see his wife...  Younger than I'm... Or like Declan said: "She is thirty fuckin' one! What did I wrong..."

On the next morning I went to the bathroom at 9 am and Kevin was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. I was surprised and just asked him: "Did you fall out of your bed?!". He just answered with a broad smile: "Tha boss is here..." and pointed with his thumb upstairs. Aha, how cute he cooked the breakfast.

Before I saw his wife or rather his boss I was thinking about her and created some thoughts how she could look like. I had different ideas from model to resemble Kevin (due to statistics usually couples resemble to each other...).

I was actually pretty excited and waited in the kitchen until she came downstairs...

When she finally appear she was pretty normal looking... A normal looking girl. 
Hmmm, almost a pitty ;-).
● ● ●

Learning to calm down...

Unfortunately, the first days in Kinsale were very rainy, hence I couldn't do any activities and the hostel was pretty quiet which means not many to do for me. That means I had time to relax.

But I underestimated that after 14 days of traveling and seeing a lot of new things everyday - and I was also pretty busy before I left Germany - I actually have to learn to calm down...

Actually it isn't my strength... Therefore I felt homesick on my second day in Kinsale because I felt under pressure doing something. I thought: "What should I do here in the next 4 weeks?". I knew from my really nice host Joy that my days off are Wednesday and Thursday, hence I check out all classes which took place on this days in Kinsale. I also wrote to my friends and told them I felt homesick. I received very nice messages from them which made me feel better.

So I decided to learn how to enjoy calming down... Which started by reading a book! I also find a nice place where I could relax and write my posts which is relaxing for me: at the Poet's Corner. Since my arrival I was there almost everyday.
Great to relax, eat and having a chai tea (yap! It's incredible but I like cinnamon since a few month).
I like to sit in the armchair and write my posts or just read a book. The books are free for reading.
By the way the cafe owner is a German girl.
● ● ●

Soccer days

My homesickness lasted fortunately just one day. On the next day I talked to Declan and he invited me to come with him and his friends to a pub to watch the football game Arsenal vs. Manchester United. That was quite funny. 

On the day next he invited me to play soccer with them. Yes, unbelievable but I played and I wasn't that bad :-).

How to pronounce 'Mertesacker' 
I have to admit that I had no clue at all that a lot of German players playing for Arsenal... 

I could hide my lack of soccer knowledge by teaching the Irish guys how to pronounce 'Mertesacker'. Well, it sounded a bit like a French pronunciation but it was not that bad for the first time. 

I also claimed that Per Mertesacker would come from my hometown but that turned out to be wrong but I think that's not worth to mention it anymore :-)... I still can't remember which famous German football player grew up close to Muenster... If everyone knows please let me know. A friend of mine met him one day in the former Grand Cafe.

On the whole it was a funny evening and I had gales of laughter. 

What a pressure: representing Germany by playing soccer
Well, I confess I was a bit nervous and felt a bit under pressure to represent Germany when I went with Declan to play soccer. It was maybe 15 years or longer ago that I played it. But it's funny that a lot of people think I could play it very well. I don't no why... Maybe I still behave a bit like a tomboy...

There weren't many players but it was a mixture of girls and boys and they integrated me very kind. Nothing about looking strange at me because I'm the new person. That's what I had expected due to my German experiences. But not at all!

Before the game started it was said that all have to behave and play fair. Aha. No problem :-).

During and after the game all were very friendly and interested. The water bottles were shared and after the game everybody thanked each other. Well, I felt very comfortable and actually I played not too bad I suppose. Actually, someone called me 'Schweinsteiger' :-). Hopefully the guy meant my play and not that I looked like Schweinsteiger... Sorry Anika ;-).
● ● ●

Stormy days and unexpected help

The weather can be very mean in Ireland which means it pretends to be sunny and waits until you're fare enough in the outdoors and than it'll change so fast you won't be aware what's happened and have no chance at all to find a safety place...

That was what exactly happened to me.

One morning it was quite warm and sunny outside, hence I thought "Great day for a walk to the James Fort!". So far so good.

I walked through the city and the long walk beside the sea which is nice to look at as you can see in the following pictures.
So lovely! 
An English friend of mine just commented: "It looks like a rainbow vomited all over the house...".
Here I bought my book for exercise to calm down.
Looks a little bit like California :-)
Again some palms!
Seaside - what a lovely sunny day...
The seagulls ate something what I supposed to be a dead moraine... It really looked like one.
So I walked some kilometers out from the city and reached the long bridge which should lead me to James Fort. "Yieppieh!" I thought. "Only over the bridge and I'll be there..."

Well, I reached exactly the middle of the bridge when a storm started with such a force I had never seen in my life. I'm not overstating.

On the other side of the bridge was a guy who started to run back. So did I, running my way back. I imagined myself blowing into the sea from that storm and was really scared.

Finally, when I reached the way I came from it was raining like a cow is pissing on a flat stone (I love this idiom). In seconds I was soaked from the rain and I was quite far away from the city centre...

Suddenly, a car stopped beside me and a woman called: "Do you need a ride?" Wow! So kind! I didn't hesitate and jumped into her car and couldn't stop to say 'thank you'. She told me that one day before the same happened to her. She drove me into the city centre and I walked straight to Poet's Corner to get a hot tea...
● ● ●

Never give up - second try to get to James Fort

Well, for my second try to go to James Fort I went with a guardian which means Dominic the outdoor activity student from South Africa leads me to it.

It's really interesting to watch him how he is dealing with people. I suppose he knows everyone in Kinsale. I thought he would live there for a long time but he lives there since last September... With his help we got a discount from the laundry service.

Before we reached the James Fort we had to stop at every corner because he had to greet a lot of people and had a small talk with them. He is also very supportive and always in action. I like his mindset and talk in an adult way.

But I want to talk about my second try to James Fort... On the way to James Fort we met a great football player as you can see in the following video:

After admiring his soccer performance we went to James Fort which reminded me about a set of some middle age movies.
The James Fort - Dominic climbed up on the walls and I tried it as well.
But not really successful... I got some cuts on my hand and spoiled his croissant with my blood so it was mine.
● ● ●

New favorite place?

It was really a nice first week and I saw a lot from Kinsale. Maybe it could become one of my favorite places in Ireland...? I'll see. I have 4 weeks to find it out.

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:45)

    Mama 22 February 2014 18:38
    Hei Jeanine!!
    Da hast du schon einiges erlebt und viele nette Leute kennengelernt, weiter so. Schöne Fotos übrigens. Pass auf dich auf. Hdl Mama

  • #2

    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:46)

    Jeanine 22 February 2014 20:44
    Hi Mama!
    Ganz lieben Dank! Ja die Leute sind echt nett hier. Darüber bin ich echt happy. Nach fast einem Monat in Irland hab ich mich ganz gut eingelebt und bin immer noch dabei. Hab dich lieb :-*

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:46)

    Alicia 23 February 2014 12:14
    What a lovely place! The rainbow house looks just as sweet as you guys!

  • #4

    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:47)

    Jeanine 23 February 2014 15:14
    Hey Alicia,
    Thank you so much and thanks for reading my blog! Yes it's really a lovely place. If you have the chance to come to Ireland, you should visit Kinsale. If need tips feel free to contact me :-).

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:47)

    Tina 23 February 2014 22:21
    Hey Jeanine,
    Wow! Dein Blog ist echt super!
    Lustige und interessante Sachen erlebst Du dort. Deine Fotos sind auch super schön.
    Ich bin stolz auf Dich.
    Viele Küsse nach Irland!!!

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:48)

    Jeanine 24 February 2014 14:19
    Huhu meine liebe Tina!
    Ganz lieben Dank! Das ist echt lieb von dir und schön das dir meine Post gefallen. Mir macht es Spaß to entertain you :-*. Alles Liebe meine Liebe ♥

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:48)

    Anika 28 February 2014 16:41
    Hey liebe Jeanine,
    ich glaube du meinst Christoph Metzelder. Kein Vergleich zu Schweini aber auch ganz okay ;)
    Genieß die Zeit meine Liebe. Der Block ist toll :)

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:49)

    Jeanine 28 February 2014 18:56
    Hi meine süße Anika!
    Jaaaa! Den meinte ich... Dankeschön ;-). Ich wünsche dir erstmal viel Spass beim Karneval feiern. Gestern muss es ja schon abgegangen sein... Ich hoffe der Ralfi benimmt sich :-).

    Ganz lieben Gruß