My chat with the Boss in Dingle

When I was in Tralee and finally the sun came out behind the clouds I took the chance and drove to Dingle by bus.

Nice place for a having a chat

Norman told me it's such a nice place where I have to go. Well, he was right! The village is lovely and has a lot of interesting places there. 

And of course it's the hometown of the Boss...

● ● ●

An overview about the village

When I arrived in Dingle I went through the nice old town. Due to I was quite hungry I bought some bread and salad at the supermarket. After that I searched for a place where I could eat my lunch. 

On my search I could enjoy the nice atmosphere in Dingle there.
At the docks in Dingle
Same place but another view...
Some nice places in Dingle
Shamrock symbol.
Does anyone still remember what that means?
I drop you a hint: it has something to do either with St. Patrick or Christopher St. ;-)
A little bit of a Mediterranean feeling in Dingle 
Good to know! 'M' doesn't either stand for 'Male' or 'Men'.
It stands for the Gaelic word mná which means female. 
Never confuse it, if you need the bathroom.
DIY on the street - an older gentleman is pumping up a flat tyre.
Chatty and supportive people in Dingle
On my search for a place I met an old gentleman and he introduced himself as Phillip. I asked Phillip where I could have my bought lunch or rather he asked me what I'm searching for and offered me his help.

By the way I learnt again a bit of the Irish culture because during my chat with Phillip he had to greet a lot of people there and everybody was stopping for a small talk.

Anyway, Phillip told me I could go to the pub called Dick Mack's. I should just order a Guinness and could eat my bought lunch there. They wouldn't mind. Ok that sounded great and I took his advice. 

The Boss of Dick Mack's in Dingle
Firstly, I didn't recognize the pub because it looked a bit like an antique shop. But than I found it and went into it...
Dick Mack's - great Guinness by open fire and a chat with the Boss. 
The painted picture is showing the Boss in his youth. 
The room seems to be huge and I got a light smell of fire in the air. Apart from me there were just to other guys in the pub. One stood behind the bar and one in a corner of the pub. He was wearing a coat and a hat like Humphrey Bogart used to wear. He reminded me a bit of an Irish version of Udo Lindenberg just without the sunglasses and with short hair.

I went to the guy behind the bar and asked if he minds I eat my lunch there, I'll order a Guinness in return. 

The answer came not from the one behind the bar. Instead a deep and heavy voice from the corner answered and said: "Take a seat in the next room where the open fire is. I'll bring you the Guinness...". 

Aha, I thought the guy in the corner would be just a guest... Due to his voice it sounded more like an order than an offer. So I went to the room and found the open fire. I took one of the stools there and sat myself in front of the open fire and begun to eat my lunch.

I heard that someone is coming with heavy steps. The guy who told me to take a seat came into the small room with my Guinness.

He gave it to me and seated himself on one of the stools and looked at me: "Are you hungry?" "Yes, I'm starving..." He started to laughing pretty loud. 

He stopped suddenly, started grinding his teeth and said under his hat: "I'm the Boss here." I just looked at him and waited. Then, he asked me: "Where are you come from?" "I'm from Germany. I lived close to Cologne." He started laughing again and stopped again suddenly: "I have been in Bochum some years ago. I have some friends there." "Ah Bochum! I know it. It's located in the so-called 'Ruhrpott'." "Ruhrpott?! Never heard about it. I like the beer there. The Pilsener Lager." "Ah, that's a good one." 

He looked again at me, ground his teeth and repeated: "I'm the Boss here."

Silence. Then, I heard female voices coming from the other room. The Boss got up from his stool and said: "Wait. I'm coming back soon." He left the room.

A few seconds later three girls came in and joined me in front of the open fire. After a short introduction I knew they were from California and on vacations in Ireland. I told them my story and added that I have been in San Francisco and San Diego last summer. Really nice girls.

The Boss came back and seated himself in front of the open fire between me and the California girls. He seemed to enjoy our company and enjoyed himself. He explained the painted pictures on the wall to us. One of the pics showed him in his youth. 

When I finished my lunch and my Guinness, then I got up and said Goodbye to the girls and the Boss.
● ● ●

Unforgettable meeting 

My day in Dingle was really nice and especially my chat with the Boss of Dick Mack's. He is real original and you have to meet him to see what I mean. 

Even it was a short chat I still get a broad smiley on my face if I think about it.


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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:58)

    Anonymous 23 February 2014 20:32
    Hi Jeanine,
    echt interessante Geschichten, die Du schreibst. Ein wenig als würde man mitreisen ;-)
    Ich muss mir nur auf Dauer überlegen, ob ich nicht lieber den englischen Originalblog lese. Die Übersetzung ist echt terrible ...
    Weiterhin viel Spaß und nette Begegnungen!

  • #2

    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:59)

    Anonymous 23 February 2014 20:44
    Hi Jeanine,
    sorry, Google-Translation is a real bullshit!
    Now in English: Interesting Storys. We "travel" with you on your way.
    I think it´s better to use english in this blog, translation is terrible!
    Have much fun an many nice meetings with interesting people.

  • #3

    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:59)

    Anonymous 23 February 2014 20:50
    Google!!! Oh no!! Can translate my English in a very "strange" German.
    So: Tell it in Englisch, write it in English, read it in English.
    ...or translate automaticly ... an have much fun ;-))

  • #4

    f (Tuesday, 11 November 2014 00:00)

    Jeanine 24 February 2014 14:14
    Hahaha. Hi Andreas!
    I happy ahout every comment you write to me! Ob in Deutsch oder Englisch ich freue mich sehr . I can't stop laughing ahout uour funny comments :-). I hope you're doing well and everything is fine? I'm looking forward to hearing from you again!
    Cheers Jeanine