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01. October 2014
Nelson! I am finally there. So many people on my journey through Canada recommended to me that I have to go there and everything went just great when I made my decision to take the bus to Nelson. I arrived the weekend before I would go to my Wwoofing place. So I had enough time to settle in and discover the village. I liked Nelson immediately and loved the atmosphere there. It reminded me about Kinsale in Ireland. Very alternative and Hippie like. Lots of creative energy. I loved it!

30. August 2014
Finally I arrived after 3 days in Vancouver. I took the bus from Toronto. It was 5.30 am and I was quite tired. I knew that my hostel has a 24 hour reception which was great and I took a taxi to it. I just wanted to have a shower and couldn't proper think. After a great shower in my hostel and nice breakfast I went to the Jericho beach and just enjoyed the beauty around me. Yes, I did alright. Vancouver mirrored for me the image I had about Canada: lots of nature. I have to admit that I didn't...