When is it time to follow your dreams?

My agenda for 2016 from Paperblanks. I love this little guy.
My agenda for 2016 from Paperblanks. I love this little guy.

I have a little ritual that I do always on the 1st of January since I was 14 years old. 


For every year I use a small agenda and write on the first page a motto and affirmations for the coming year and I read again my motto and affirmations from the last year and reflect it. I love doing it and I always look forward to write the first sentence in my agenda.


My recent New Year’s reflection brought me to the following thoughts I would like to share with you. It’s about following our dreams and things I learnt to value during my 2nd year of travelling.


Hippie dippie things

When I started travelling I had never reckoned that I would ever say that I would love to have my own evolution center where I will grow my own food and do something like premaculture.


Well, I didn’t even know that premaculture exist nor heard the name before. It sounded like a hippie dippie thing to me what just people do who talk the whole day about vegan food, how closed minded the 'not knowing' people are and they want to convince you to do the same or you are out of their holy circle.


Premaculture has nothing to do with that. Premaculture brings you in balance with nature. Now I really want to learn more about it and about growing my own food and be in balance with nature in general. For me it's how human beings are supposed to be. Back to the roots. Back to freedom and independence. It is my understanding of freedom and independence. I would love to live in a community with people who have similar understanding. Freedom from consuming, advertisements and people who want to tell you what you need and what your fears are.


Funny, probably some people see me now as a hippie dippie girl :-). 

Preparation for the winter - canning peaches, something I learnt in Canada (photo was taken in Nelson BC in Sept 2014)
Preparation for the winter - canning peaches, something I learnt in Canada (photo was taken in Nelson BC in Sept 2014)
Getting to know to alternative ways of living in Baja California in Mexico
Getting to know to alternative ways of living in Baja California in Mexico
The freedom of trying out new things like doing your own jewerly
The freedom of trying out new things like doing your own jewerly


Remember your dreams

I would like to explain to you my idea why I am so keen of growing my own stuff, being in balance with nature and why I consider this kind of living as independence and freedom. It's a though way to explain it and it uses fear. But every time you watch TV and the News they do the same but with another intention as I have. They won't to keep you where you are. I would like to remind you about your dreams.


So lets do a mind experiment.


Take 5 minutes for some apocalyptic thoughts

Just try to to imagine for 5 minutes that a war breaks out in your country, the internet would break down and you would become a refugee from one day on the another.


You would have to run to survive.


You cannot say “Oh I will go to the supermarket and buy some food”. People will go crazy and rob the supermarkets. Actually that happened to my brother and friends in Baja California in Mexico when a hurricane hit the area and they were cut off for a couple of days from drinking water and electricity.

There won’t be anything left and probably nobody would fill it again for a long while or maybe never again.

The modern technology won’t feed you and in addition it will be useless without internet.


You couldn’t even check online some survival tricks due to the internet doesn’t work.


Eventually you will realize that you are very helpless and depending.


Depending on a system you lived in for many years. Where you went everyday to your work and maybe you didn’t like it that much. You worked your ass off and maybe dreamed to start something new you would love to try out or you would love to travel the world to place you haven't seen before. You never did this things because you said you was waiting for the right moment...


You found lots of reasons NOT to do any of the things you dreamed about: "I would but… if just… I need to… I have to… I should…”. And suddenly you don’t have time anymore and you see that the system you was in and made you dependent just broke down and won’t help you at all. It’s like a slap in the face and probably you will wake up. It’s a very though slap. Maybe you will ask yourself “what have been really the risks to follow my dreams and do the things I would love?”. 


When would be the right moment and for what are you waiting for? There won't come a better moment than now.


You just have this one life. Just one life, like a friend of mine tattooed on his arm.


What will be the risk to do the things you would like to do? You don't know them until you tried it.

Security doesn't exist and life is too short to waste it

I know… It’s quite an apocalyptic way of thinking and it isn't necessary to think about war to follow your dreams.


But I guess sometimes this way of thinking could help to step out of the comfort zone and realize that security doesn’t exist and life is too short to waste our precious time with things and work we don’t like to do. I just would like to say that it would be a pity if we have dreams but fear to realize them and one day we wake up and it might be too late...

Reminder for myself

I need to remind myself about it every day. I already made a big step two years ago when I started my journey and stepped out of my comfort zone and tried out new things and learnt new ways of living. 

Now I know what I really value and appreciate in life: 

  • The freedom to try things out and go where I want to go.
  • Being more independent from consuming. Before I was quite shopping addicted and checked out the latest styles in the fashion magazines. Actually I even was subscribed to one popular fashion magazine...
  • Simple things and living simple – spend less and life rich. Actually we don’t need much to be happy. I experienced the more I had the more I feared to lose. Now I travel with a few things and I can move on very quickly. I feel freer.
  • People I feel connected with and understood – this is one of the most valuable things I’ve learnt in 2015. I’m very thankful to have lovely friends and family members. Old friends and new friends. 
  • My bright sides and my dark sides... Depends on the situation I am in, they come through and it is interesting to see why and how I react.
Accept your 'dark side' :-)
Accept your 'dark side' :-)


Play & enjoy your life with an open heart & love fearlessly

This is my motto for 2016: Play and enjoy your life with an open heart & love fearlessly.


For 2016 and all coming years I wish everyone lots of love, health and the energy to do things you love and the curiosity to play around and find your way. Trust in yourself.


Thank you for reading my story. Lots of love and big hugs!

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