Life is too valuable & short so let's do things we love - reflektion in Madrid

A couple of days ago I visited Madrid and caught up with my  younger brother and his girlfriend. I haven't seen him for 1,5 years due to my travels. Time runs...

In the park El Retiro in Madrid I reflected some things about myself, my current situation and my dreams. 


Park El Retiro in Madrid Yoga Meditation
Park El Retiro in Madrid

I was sitting in the park El Retiro in Madrid when I checked if I was happy and in case not what could I change and what holds me back from changing. 

I mean if I had knew I had just one day more to live, then I would make sure that I do things I love. But we never know when the day will be, do we?

I think it's important not to wait until it's too late and someone else makes the decision for us. 


In the past I needed some downfalls until I finally changed something. 


I just waited even the situation didn't feel right. I waited so long until someone else made a decision or the situation solved itself with a big bang and was over. I fell on the ground and stood up. There I got energy from but it's also time & energy taking.


Today I rather make my own decisions and try not to wait until someone else makes one for me. Not always easy but I work on that. 


Life is too valuable & short to waste it with things we don't like. 

Life is too valuable & short so let's remember & let's do things we love.

Me :-)
Me :-)

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