Road trip

Back in Kinsale I decided I'll check out the riding opportunities due to on the farm it wasn't possible. 
I found something but it was pretty far away from the city center. But on the map it looked like it was very close and reachable by food... When I started my walk to the riding school I saw it wasn't possible to be on time there. Therefore I turned back to my hostel and I thought I'll organize it on the next day...
In my hostel I met the new housekeepers Yin a girl from Malaysia and Libby from the USA who asked me if I want to go with them on a road trip. They would rent a car. Of course! I canceled my riding plans for the next days.
The maximum of freedom... Just stop where we want to.
The girls organized a car and asked me if I could drive it due to they have not that much experience with a manual car. Well, that sounded like a great opportunity for me to get used to the left-hand traffic :-).

On the whole we had really a great 2 days trip. We saw a lot of different places and I love the feeling of total freedom which means we could stop where we want to and we discovered really beautiful places...
● ● ●

Let's go!

We took the bus from Kinsale to the Cork airport. At the car rental the guy took our personal dates and than he said: "Ok... Have I got that right? Malaysian, American and German?! How does that work?" Yin: "Well, we are a housekeepers in a hostel in Kinsale. The German is the former housekeeper. Now we're going on a road trip together.". So simple :-).

Driving on the wrong lane
I've to admit that I was a bit nervous about driving on the "wrong" side of the street... Actually I got really fast used to it. Even it doesn't feel that strange to use the gears on the other side. 

A bit confusing was for me driving on the highway and passing other cars on the right-hand side. That felt weird... But even that was very fast ok for me.

Clear roles
Our roles where also very clear: I was the driver, Libby the navigator and DJ and Yin responsible for the refreshment :-).

So our trip could start!
● ● ●

First go east...

Our first destination was Ballycotton. It is really a cute village in the east part of Ireland. There we took a lot of nice pictures and I became aware that I had the wrong shoes with me...

We stopped direct at the harbor where we parked the car and went to the seaside.
The harbor in Ballycotton 
Posing at the impressing nature in Ballycotton
There we just watched the nature and didn't say anything for a long time.
We just enjoyed the landscape.
After admiring the great nature we went into a nice small cafe and took a short break before we kept going.
● ● ●

Next destination: Killarney

Well, on our trip we find out that the rumors about Ireland that you can't rely on the street signs turned out to be true...

When we followed the signs we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. But why not use Google Maps?

Nice try... In the middle of nowhere you don't have internet connection. Well, so we did the old-fashion way and asked the locals for the right direction. That was very successful! 

So we found the way back and drove to Killarney. Great that I was in Killarney in Feburary with the Irish guys I met in Tralee, hence I knew where the nice places were.

We drove to the National Park and parked the car close to the Muckross House and started our trip through the park.

After a failed try to climb a really easy to climb looking tree we found the following nice places.
Like a fairy tale...
Muckross House in the background.
Such a variety of nature in Killarney
Nothing to mention...
Torch Waterfalls
Like Lord of the Rings... at Torch Waterfalls
I'm still always impressed to see the great nature in Killarney. In 2009 I think Killarney was one of the reasons why I felt in love with Ireland...
● ● ●

Back to the Bosses town

When we went back to the car we decided that we'll drive to Dingle and stay there over night. I found out that there was a cheap and cheerful hostel close in the village.

Unfortunately it turned out that the information of the hostel was wrong or rather the address. We were looking for it but couldn't find it. A guy from another hostel told us that happen often. The hostel was not in Dingle. It was 10 min. by car away. 

Therefore we decided to take the hostel The Grapevine where we asked for the other hostel... 

It was a very easy going one and the other guests nice. But I have to admit that I was too tired for a proper conversation... My Malaysian friend Yin was tired and too concerned about her flight back at home due to there was something wrong with her booking. Therefore it was Libby's turn and I think she had a lot of fun to talk to the people which were nice to see.

Usually I planned to show the girls the Boss of Dingle but I turned it off due to too less time.
● ● ●

Second day on the road again

After our breakfast we went to our car and an Irish guy asked us where we wanted to go. When we said Ring of Kerry he told us that we should rather check out the Dingle way which were nicer.

Ok! So we followed his suggestion and drove the Dingle way which was really nice...

We stopped there where we wanted to stop and took pictures. 
Looks so small but the rocks are pretty huge. And behind that we found the following beauty...
I mean the nature we found ;-).
Very high... We just sat there and listen to the sound of the waves... Like you can hear in the following video

Panorama of the cliffs
After we finished the Dingle way we decided to drive the half of the Ring of Kerry and Ring of Berra due to we had not that much time anymore. 

On that way we stopped again at nice places...
At the so-called Druid view
I forgot where this place exactly was... But obviously it is nice there :-)
● ● ●


We brought the car back to the Cork airport and took the bus back to Kinsale. We were very happy about all what we saw in the last two days but also very tired...

By the way... How to find out that someone is from Ireland? Just asked them for pronouncing 'thirty'... :-). It sounds like 'dirty'. It was a bit mean to make fun of an Irish guy in the hostel in Dingle but he pronounced the word in the same funny way... 

I tried to check on Google Maps our route. It was approximately the following one but in the reality we drove more.
Our road trip.
On the whole it was a great trip and I'm happy that I was so spontaneous and decided to go with the girls without long consideration.

We got really great along. I think people who are traveling are more open minded and having the same similar aims. Even we come from very different cultures. Therefore it suits very well and everyone was still independent. 

For me it was the feeling of the maximum of freedom...
● ● ●

Feeling of maximum of freedom

What is the feeling of maximum freedom? 

For me it is that I don't have to feel responsible for anyone and anything, I can feel myself and I'm aware about my needs and what I really want to do. There is no influence of others who are not good for me. On the road trip I was surrounded by people who are good for me due to we had the same aims. 

For me is freedom to know what I can and I appreciate it. What I say is what I mean. I believe in me and I trust me. 

Jap that's what freedom means for me. It doesn't work everyday but in bad days I try to remember that.

I wish for my family and friends that they'll experience the same and get the feeling. It's really relieving. and means that first you take care of yourself and be aware about yourself. Not in an egoistic way but in my experience the first task is to feel comfortable and than it's possible to be open for others. 

Open yourself
I think it's possible to reach that if you open yourself and change your point of view. 
And like a good friend of mine said (thanks to Dominik R.):
"Don't bother yourself but reflect yourself."
I think this is really a good way to start with. Things from the past can't change anymore. They are already done. But what is the lesson from that... But not analyse to much... Like I still tend to.

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