Great minds think alike

One more advantage of leaving the farm was that I could catch up with my brother in Dublin during his stay there. He and his girlfriend from Mexico did a tour through Europe and Ireland was one of their destinations.
That meant for me: "Finally normal people!" ;-). Well, me and my brother we have the same humor and mostly it ends up in never ending laughter. We just need to look to each other and we'll start again. Also when we are together we get very wired ideas but we understand the other one very well.
Therefore I was very happy to meet him in Dublin. Unfortunately the weather was very Irish after a few weeks of sunshine... Well, but that couldn't stop us from having fun.
Great minds think alike...
Moreover my Spanish friends from the farm were also in Dublin. I have no clue how many hostels are in Dublin but there are a lot and despite again a coincidence that my brother shared the same dorm room with Yeray my Spanish friend from the farm... :-)
● ● ●

Lucky start

I took the bus very early from Kinsale to Cork and then to Dublin.

In Cork I had again a bit time until my bus to Dublin departed and I went to the English Market where I wanted to get a nice sandwich from a shop I saw there.

Since I saw this shop I tried to get one of the rare seats and eat one of this nice looking sandwiches but it never worked out... It was always full seated and I didn't want to eat my sandwich without having a seat.

But on that day I was really lucky and got a seat, a nice sandwich and... a cappuccino for free! Due to they got a new sort and wanted to try this with some customers. Only thing to do was to tell my opinion about it. 

Well, sounds like a deal :-).
Finally! Having a seat, a nice sandwich and a great cappuccino for free :-)
● ● ●

Hello again...

Well, I was very lucky when I arrived in Dublin because there was a lot of sunshine. It was almost too warm with my entire luggage. I've to admit it wasn't that clever of me to take all my staff with me... I could left it in Kinsale but actually I'm so used to it if I leave a place to take all my staff with me that I don't think anymore about it.

By the way I thought my brother would be already in Dublin but it turned out to be a misunderstanding between us. Therefore I had one day alone for me there. That was good and I used the time to explore the city again. 

Getting rid of the farm look
Due to after the farm work my hands and fingernails looked very messy I took a manicure treatment which included nail polishing. It took just 10 min and actually... I saw later in the daylight that it looked like a 10 min treatment... Not really professional. Even I can it better... Ok it was a try. 

When I met Yeray in the hostel and showed him the results he just said: "Why didn't you buy nail polish and do it yourself...?" 

Well, because I thought the full booked nail studio is professional... But in comparison to the sandwich shop in Cork I couldn't see the products before... At least a good lesson for me.

"Mind your steps"
After my semi-professional manicure I went through the city center and I was looking for (thanks brother ;-) ) a birthday gift for my best friend Insa. I was a bit late due to I thought I have a lot of time to buy something and send it to her...

I was also very busy with looking on my cellphone while I was looking for something for her in the shop.

So busy that I didn't see the steps in the shop... 

Actually I felt down the steps in an very inelegant and loud way which probably looked like a drunken monkey or something like that... I hit my shoulder against a sideboard and my knees on the floor. Well, the people around me looked very shocked at me and I... started to laugh and said quickly: "I'm fine! I'm fine!" and limped away... 

Of course my own fault and maybe my hidden way to say 'Welcome back in Dublin!'...
● ● ●

Ain't no sunshine when they come...

On the next day I opened the window in my hostel room and it was very rainy. Immediately my brother's disappointed face popped up in my mind... What a pity I thought and went to their hostel to pick them up.

I was so happy to see my brother and his girlfriend. I offered them that we could check out the Trinity College and the Viking Museum Dublinia. And we started the tour...

The conquer of Dublin
Actually it rains cats and dogs and our clothes were very quickly soaked from the rain. So we went straight to the Viking Museum Dublinia which I already knew from my second trip to Ireland in 2010.

This museum is very interactive and offers a lot of possibilities to try things out and touch and feel etc. I love museums like that! But sometimes is hard to compete with the children at the interactive stations ;-) ...

In the museum they display the history of Dublin there in a very interesting way. For example I learnt that the word 'slave' comes from Slavic due to the Vikings kidnapped a lot of people from Slavic areas and sold them as 'slaves'.
I'm trying the Viking way of using the toilet...
Jap, that was the life of the Vikings :-)
My new hostel room... You can see how soaked my jacket was...
Just the side where my bag hanged was dry...
That was really a nice day and later we went to the Temple Bar and had one pint... More pints are not affordable... 
● ● ●

Trip to the Wicklow Mountains

Every time when I was in Dublin I thought that I've to go to the Wicklow Mountains but it never worked out for some reasons. Therefore I was glad when a friend of my brother's girlfriend organised a trip to it by bus. We took the usual Dublin bus which was cheaper than a bus tour. Moreover I like to be independent from a organised bus tour because I don't want to end up like in this video. ;-)

On the tour the bus drove to different areas in Dublin also through the obiviously richer parts or like my brother said:
"There are living the people who can effort more than one pint in the Temple Bar..." So true...
Curious couple
A bus can be a very interesting place. Especially when a curious couple is sitting in front of you and having a conversation. Well, a couple of a young Chinese girl who wears a hat with cat ears and an elder man in his 70ies. Well, love doesn't mind ages of course... 

Jap, I know prejudice is not nice but the conversation was really interesting and I'm still not quite sure if it was a role the girl played or if she was serious... 

The conversation was like that:
Girl: "Wooooow! That's amazing!"
He: "Yes, and we have over there a soccer team."
Girl: "Whaaatttt! You have soccer in Ireland!!?? That's amaziiiinnnnggg!"(some people in the bus started to laugh) Girl turned around to me and my brother and his girlfriend: "Where are you come from?"
Me: "We are from Germany."
Girl: "Woooowww! But you are not so tallllll?!!!"
Me: "Ehhmmm, well... Where are you come from?"
Girl: "I'm from Chinaaaa!" (blinking with her lashes and gave us a girlish looking smile and turned to our Mexican friends)
Girl: "Where are you come from?"
My brothers girlfriend: "From Mexico."
Girl: "And how did your guys meet?"
My brother: "I met her in Mexico during my studies."
Girl: "Wooowww! That's so romantic!!!!"
I still hope she just played a role... Jap a bus tour might be funny :-).

Shopping in the Wicklow Mountains
When we arrived at the Wicklow Mountains we checked out the shopping center there. It's integrated in the Powerscourt House. They have a lot of alternative products there. 

And it was also a nice entertainment center for me and my brother...
Well, like I mentioned: Great minds think alike...
Posing seems to be in our genes...
Feeling like a diva - well, I think now it wasn't a hat... It was maybe a small tablecloth...
But using creativity is the secret for creating fashion... ;-) 
Time for some nature
After almost annoying the sales assistant it was time to check out the great nature of the Wicklow Mountains. Even it was very raining the following view is really worth in all weather...
The beauty of morbidity...
Nothing about a poor wallflower which nobody likes...
Freedom!!! Even Braveheart shout be produced in Scotland due the history a lot of the scenes where filmed in Ireland in that area behind me.
Powerscourt Waterfall
This amazing landscape is often used by film productions for example Games of Thrones
Like a fairy tale world...
● ● ●

Great reunion

Well, it was a short but really nice visit and I was happy to see my brother and his girlfriend. It's nice to meet and see that things are still the same which rather pleased me in some way. I can be totally myself if I'm with him.

It was great just to talk about funny things and doing funny things with my brother. Also I could see my personal development and that I'm quite relaxed now in different situations...

On my way back to Kinsale I sat in the bus with a broad smile when I remember the funny things again... :-).

Thank you so much my loved brother :-)! It was great to see you.
● ● ●

Again a step further

I think I know now in which direction I want to go in sense of my future job. On the farm I created the idea after I checked out some information I received from my friend Martina in Gort. We also skyped together and it was really again a great and valuable exchange! I'm so happy to know her. Such a positive person! 

Starting to pave my way
I would like to use my education as Trainer and want to go in the direction to help and motivate people in different life situations.

I would like to give some impulses which are helpful for them so that they have some instruments to motivate and help themselves. That's my aim and I think I knew it the whole time but now it's more clear for me due to my own experiences which I received so far on my journey and the information I collected. 

I want to use my experience from my journey to give some impulses. I think then I can really explain the things because than I know of what I'm talking about and not only theoretical.

At the moment I'm checking out the possibilities and which ways I could take, what is given and what would I like to do. So that means I'm forming and paving the way to my aim now. I'm really happy about that. It's a great feeling to know what I want and checking out how to get there.

Well, the way to the aim is the most excited part. I see again how important it is to have aims and remember them.

I'm very curious and how I'll get lead...

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