Getting Brighter

I get a bit of daily business in Ireland even everyday is totally different and exciting. Therefore I had to go to the hairdresser to get a bit of structure... 
Going to the hairdresser was one of my biggest fears in sense of "what if they mess up my hair...?". Well, I think this is something what only women can understand... But I found really a great hairdresser here in Kinsale who made me brighter... 
Getting brighter - During my varnishing session. 
I'm also a little bit high due to the smell of varnish...
Apart from visiting the hairdresser and getting brighter I finally visited the Bulman Bar, took a nice stroll to Charles Fort alone and with my guardian and could feel like a child again. In between I went for my daily Chai Tea to Poet's Corner. There I know now some of the guests like Tommy an elderly musician rebel... 
Moreover I found out it's better to distract people from the question about my age... Apart from asking for my ID in the supermarket! That was of course nice when I bought wine in the supermarket here in Kinsale and they asked me for my ID :-). And yes, it's allowed to buy if you're 18 years old...
● ● ●

Hairdressing in the Amazonas 

Like I mentioned one of my biggest concerns was to find a hairdresser. Luckily I found a great one in the Amazonas. That's the name of the shop which is run by nice guys from Hungary.

By the way here in County Cork are a lot of Hungarian people. The ones I got to know are very kind guys.
Great start with coffee and cookies - actually my breakfast at this day
My Hairdresser did his education in Hungary because there it's better than in Ireland. It's the same as in Germany. In Ireland it lasted around 1 1/2 year... Not really a long time to get a lot of experience... So I felt comfortable to get my hair cut from him! 

I told him that I've no clue at all about haircuts. He should cut a structure and make me brighter.. in sense of my hair :-). And I think the result is really great. And it is not that expensive. Really a great value for money.
After picture - a bit shorter than I expected but I'm happy.
● ● ●

Scilly walk

The Scilly Walk (not to confuse with this Silly Walk) is a nice path in Kinsale beside the seaside which brings you to Charles Fort and also to the Burman pub which Tas recommended to me.

Actually, I took the Scilly Walk twice, first on my own and the second one with my guardian Dominic. Of course sharing the impressions with the right person is pretty much better and more fun.

Here are some of the impressions on the Scilly Walk.
A bit like a scene from a fairy tale - the beginning of the Scilly Walk
"Please not forget to wear your toast at this place. The seagulls will thank you."
Green walls
Hmmm, reminds me about the following song
A huge playground for adults
Well, the surroundings and Charles Fort itself reminds about when I was a child and I played every day outside.

That was the time before the playstation etc. was launched. What a luck! As a child this place would be a great playground for me! And as well for my guardian Dominic who loves climbing.

Great minds think alike...
Close to the Charles Fort - here I'm still carrying my leopard backpack,
So why not feel a bit like a child again? Unfortunately my leopard backpack was a bit heavy and therefore climbing on the rocks was a bit difficult for me. Therefore Dominic took it: "Why is it so heavy? What did you pack?" "Well, water bottle, my laptop..." "Laptop!?" "Just in case... Isn't it awkward to carry my leopard backpack...?" "Well... It is!" :-).

We went into the Charles Fort and attended a short tour. Interesting for me was that in the 70ies some hippies wanted to occupy the building and build a hippie fort. What a great idea :-)!

Actually the best places for taking pictures in Charles Fort were the ones which were forbidden to walk on due to the grass was too slippery etc.

Well, good that the fences were not that high, otherwise we couldn't take the following nice pictures. When someone came we just hide behind the stone walls until they were away. Yes, a bit the feeling of a being a child again :-). What a release!
Charles Fort from one of the forbidden places
What a pitty when I would always stick to the rules...
Amazing view at Charles Fort with up coming storm...
When the storm came up and began we left Charles Fort as fast as we could. But so fast the storm came so fast it was over. And after the storm we could enjoy a beautiful rainbow.
Follow the rainbow
Well, walking and climbing makes hungry and therefore we walked straight away to the Burman pub.

An example for the theory of relativity
The Burman pub is really nice and beside the seaside with a great view over the sea. Inside it is really comfortable with an open fire and comfortable seats.
In the Burman with nice fish and chips -
I took this pictures during my first visit when I was there on my own.
That visit lasted and felt like 1 and half hour.
So we went into the Burman around 4.00 pm and we ordered nice food and had a great chat. I could swear it lasted not longer than 1 hour and a half...

Well, the following quotation from Albert Einstein suits pretty well to this situation:
"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity."
When I checked my watch again it said it was 8.30 pm... Wow! We really sat there for more than 4 hours and it feels like not longer than 1,5 hours!

The problem was that I told my boss in the hostel I'll be out just for a few hours... But time is relative in Ireland... Actually my boss said nothing at all when I came back he just asked: "How was your walk today?".
● ● ●

The advantages of the life in a village  

I have to admit that I usually prefer to be a bit anonymous at the place where I live. I like to go out and catch up with friends but the places where we met should be places where I don't know all of the other people there.

Well, Kinsale is very small and a real village. 

When I go out here in a pub I met usually the same people who I met during the day at the supermarket or when I had a tea at Poet's Corner. That's something I'm really not used to it but now that's something what I in some way appreciate here in Kinsale.

Elderly musician rebel
For example when I go to Poet's Corner there I met always Tommy and we having a small chat.

Tommy is a kind of an elderly musician rebel with very philosophical mindset and language. He has shoulder long blonde hair but also a half-bald head. A skinny and active guy who is pretty chatty. He always sits in his leather jacked, big scarf and jeans in one of the comfortable armchairs and reads a book.

I like to listen to his quiet and rusty voice. It has something which makes me feel calming.

Howl at the moon
Last time he told me and Dominic about one of his gigs. He told us he played a solo on a festival during the night: 

There was a hole in the big tend and he could see the moon. Therefore he watched to the moon and just played his solo for the moon... He didn't care about the audience. He just watched to the moon and played. After his solo he left the state. The audience was amazed about his play and he receive a lot of great feedback. But for him it didn't count because he played just for him and the moon...

Sounds a bit like a strange mindset but actually the way he explained his experience I could really imagine how he sat there with his guitar, watching the moon and played...

That's really a nice image of a rebel who plays music for pleasure and with passion.
● ● ●

"Life is supposed to be fun" - Mirror of Happiness in Gort

In my last post I wrote that I feel a kind of released here in Ireland. Actually it is a bit like to explore all the things around me like being a child again.

Which means approaching to new situations without prejudice and try different things and getting out of my comfort zone. 

It doesn't mean I'm totally naive now.

It means I'm open and curious and check out if I like that or not. The great thing is that I already have experience. Now I'm learning how to use them in a proper way so they don't district me but I can use them properly.

At the moment I recognize what is really important for me and what is not worth to consider.

Yes, that's really a release for me and I hope I can hold that feeling and the experience for a long time.

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:37)

    Mama Ute 4 March 2014 19:13
    Hei Jeanine!!
    Siehst gut aus. Schöne Bilder wieder mal und schöne Texte. Hdl Mama

  • #2

    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:38)

    Jeanine 4 March 2014 19:24
    Huhu liebe Mama!
    Ganz lieben Dank! Ich fühle mich auch sehr gut gerade. Schön das dir die Bilder und Stories gefallen. Bis die Tage mal wieder :-*.

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:38)

    Anonymous 7 March 2014 18:03
    Looking Good Jeanine!! Place looks incredible. What tempature is the Guiness served at?? All the Best!

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:39)

    Jeanine 7 March 2014 19:25
    Hey Mark! Thank you so much! Actually I go for Heineken :-). They serve it ice cold exactly how I like it.

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:39)

    Anonymous 14 March 2014 18:54
    Hi Jeanine I love those pics plus your sense of humour :-) you are a fantastic person
    greetings Dom ;-)

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:40)

    Jeanine 14 March 2014 23:17
    Hi Dominic :-),
    Thank you so much. I'm very pleased that you like my posts :-). Thanks to you I've a lot of great stories to tell! You're a great and lovely person. I'm happy that I made the right decision to come to Kinsale to this hostel and met you there. Jap I did all right :-). mwa