Butterfly effect

After almost a month I'm thinking I slowly settle in here in Ireland
Actually, I feel very comfortable in Kinsale and enjoy working in the hostel and doing different work. I feel really relaxed now.
In addition I have no other chance due to my boss who always tells me "You can finish the work tomorrow... Doesn't matter... Here take a coffee... Take a break... No problem at all... Do you want to go out tonight - just let me know... Really, that doesn't need to be finished now...". Well, you see it's difficult to be stressed out :-).
My little helper during my paintings.
Hmmm, what should that tells me? Spring is coming or I'll get butterflies in my stomach...? :-)
I'm surprised how many things can happen in just a short time... 

During my last week I had different situations from drama to great happiness. I also had a butterfly effect experience which means a small change at the beginning "can results in large differences in a later state"

By the way: I'm glad that Kevin - the Australian guy who turns out to be usually from Ireland - is back! His nickname is Tas due to he grew up in Tasmania.
● ● ●

Discovering my DIY talents

I love doing DIY things! That's not really new for me but usually I do this when I help someone either to move out or in etc.

For example I painted the attic of the hostel during the week what was really fun for me. I'm not that good in cookery but DIY is great.

Hmmm... Ok I see... I'm a real tomboy! I can't deny it any longer ;-).

I really enjoy doing this kind of work after 11 years working in an office. It's not that I want to talk bad about my former job but here I can see the results immediately and also I feel them... Well, my muscles were not really used to it the first days.

Feeling like a crazy squirrel on speed
In addition I felt not well due to I had a cold. I went to the pharmacy and wanted to buy ACC Akut but unfortunately in Ireland it's not available. So I bought the following medicament which contains so-called pseudoephedrin which I first saw in the movie Crank...

The guy in the movie needed something which pushed him up otherwise he would die due to a poison in his body or something. Well, after having sex with his girlfriend, using a defibrillator and other interesting methods he used nose spray which contains pseudoephedrin that also pushed him up...
When it works than it works... and takes a long time to get rid off it...
Well, I can tell you that this staff is really working! Actually, I felt like a crazy squirrel on speed when the medicament started to work... And it was pretty hard to get rid off it.

After I finished the first part of the attic with painting I was still very active. Even I painted around 4 hours and had a big cold. Therefore I had to go for a jog and hoped to get tired...
Not the worst choice for a jog... The impressing seaside of Kinsale
Due to this experience and I thought it might be not that great for my body I took Dominic's advice and bought the organic based medicament Echnaforce which worked also immediately but in a nice way.

So proud - turning the attic into white
Here there are my results of the painted attic which I did on pseudoephedrine... Maybe it's recognizable due to I'm looking a bit hyped up.
At the beginning... In the background you can see the former color.
Ehm... jap very hyped up...
Of course I'm celebrating the results like a real construction worker. With a can of ice cold beer. Cheers! 
● ● ●

Tas and Terry

Well, I was really quite happy that Kevin was back at the hostel. By the way his nickname is Tas due to he grew up in Tasmania.

At the moment he is back in Ireland because his mother is dying like he explained to me. She lives close to Cork. 

One evening I could listen to Kevin's alias Tas banjo play in The White House. He told me that he'll play there and I came around. It was really great to listen. He is really an interesting person.

Bird care
I often have to think about the following what he said about him and his wife (translated version...): "She was like a bird who was fallen out of nest with broken wings. I took care of her until she could fly. She flew away and every evening she came home.. Now we are business partner.".

Well, he is really a nice and lovely person with a hard shell and a soft core.

Like an old couple
One day a new guy came to the hostel: Terry. Coincidental he is an old friend of Tas. 

It was really funny to watch them. Tas to Terry: "Ya ave som' choc'la?" "Well, of course Tas! Here it is. Do you know how the TV works?" "Nao, I don. It's fuckin' col' her'. Da fuckin' win' is blowin' under the door...". Therefore I gave Tas a woolen blanket.

It was also nice when Tas cooked a dinner for him and Terry. Terry: "Thank you so much Tas! That's really great!". And every evening when Terry and Tas came home Terry said to me: "How r' you? It's great to see you!". Or one evening Dominic was there and we were kidding each other when Terry came and just said to me "I think he likes you...". So nice. Like a big family :-).

It's always time for a pub...
Tas recommended me to go to the pub The Bulmans Bar because it was close to the Charles Force which I visited on one day. When I came home Tas asked me: "Did ya' go to da Bulmans?". Me: "Actually I saw the pub but it was 3 pm, hence I didn't go in..." "Why no'? It was 3 pm. That's time for a pub...". :-)
● ● ●

Some drama in Cork

On my days off (Wednesday and Thursday) I took the bus to Cork again. There first I went to the English Market and enjoyed watching the people and having a nice tea and scone there.

During having my tea I checked out what I could do in the evening in Cork. And I found a Comedy Improve Theatre which takes place every Tuesday. "Great!" I thought.

But exactly 30 min later I found out that it was Wednesday instead of Tuesday... What a pitty... I guess it would be funny if someone had taken a before and after picture of my mimic.

But I found something else for the evening what was very nice.

And I continued my new hobby... Taking pictures in the fitting room with nice dresses. In the following picture I collected my experience on my first day.
Well, in that nice dress I felt really like a vintage Hollywood star. But the prize was also for Hollywood stars... Moreover I have to do something against my tomboy reputation... It proves I can also being very female... ;-).
The other pictures I took at the English Market. The bald guy is holding a huge lobster in his hand and he scared the children a bit with it.
In the evening I went to the Cork Art Theatre where the Writers Week took place. For 10 Euros I could see three dramas.
My equipment for a theatre visit - a pint ice cold Heineken
The differences between men and women...
The last drama was about relationship between men and women. It started that a woman came nice dolled up to her boyfriends place in expectation they both have a great date together which a lovely dinner due to his invitation to her. 

Well, her boyfriend told her that they both would enjoy a football match together what was for him a great date and in addition he ordered pizza which was for him a great dinner... I think I don't have to mention how happy the girlfriend was.

I was really wondering if the men in the audience thought the same what I did or if they totally understood the guy. I suppose the most of them went for my second idea... 

***Update: brave girl from Italy
I almost forget to mention that I met in the hostel in Cork again a really nice girl. Serena from Italy. She is really brave! She left Italy with her language to find a job in hotel sector due to in Italy the chances are very bad at the moment... Well, that reminds me that I should really appreciate what I have. And I do it!

I wish her all the best that she'll find a great and suitable job. And than I'll visit her at her place :-).
● ● ●


Well, before I left Germany I really kept distance to the "market" due to my plans to move abroad. It was not that easy but otherwise I thought it wouldn't be fair to have a relationship or something like that.

Actually, I usually tended to think too much about the disadvantages and advantages and therefore I couldn't enjoy to be fallen in love and I kept the distance. Not really useful.

But I thought I'll see what happens on my journey and I'll take it like it comes and trying not to district myself when I met someone who I really like because now I have a lot of freedom or rather I'm released...

A small change at the beginning... a kind of butterfly effect
Actually, I haven't reckon to meet someone at the beginning of my journey who I really like... But maybe this is exactly the point because I didn't reckon with it and just let myself lead from my common sense...

To put it simple:
I met here in Kinsale someone who makes me feel happy and treat me very nice with a lot of respect. I feel very comfortable with him and I enjoy spending time with him. With him I can have a lot of fun and also very great and intelligent conversations. It makes me feel relaxed and happy. And... He laughed about the movie Bang Boom Bang when I showed him some clips on YouTube (by the way he understands German but we never talk in German)... I think I don't have to add anything more! :-)

When I first met him I had a different impression about him. Not really a bad impression but a bit cheeky and therefore a kind of arrogant. At least I felt provoked and ignored him the first days a bit and well, like I explained my common sense was vanished due to my homesickness on the first days...

But my opinion changed slowly when we spent time together and it turned out we have a lot in common and I saw I was totally wrong with my first impression. And than I got unsure and thought "Ok... I don't have a chance...". But this turned also out to be wrong... I think I like this kind of misunderstanding ;-).

Well, I still have some days here in Kinsale and I try to use them properly... And I'll be still in Ireland which is as big as Bavarian.

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:42)

    Ania Zielinska 28 May 2014 20:29
    Jeanine, your hobby of taking photos of yourself in wow oh wee lovely dresses in changing rooms is one of the most hilarious ever! I have to that one day! :-D thanks for inspiration!
    Slowly reading your bits ;-)

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    f (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:43)

    Jeanine 28 May 2014 23:30
    Hahaha, you actually remind me about my hobby again! I almost forgot to keep it going here in Spain :-).

    Thank you so much for reading my stories!