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30. January 2014
Finally, I'm in Ireland since Monday. My best friends drove me to the airport to Duesseldorf and I left Germany with a 22 kg luggage (yes, it actually works to pack just 22 kg for a trip that might last about 1 year; many thanks to TFG ;-) ). After saying Goodbye to my friends I received a small hugs&kisses box from my creative and lovely friend Insa. It's filled with hugs and kisses from her and if I'm feeling bad or sad, I can take some hugs and kisses and I'll feel better. My...
10. January 2014
My personal travel book I dedicated this post to my great family and friends who supported me every time during making my plans. I'm very happy to have them. This post documents my last days in Muenster before I finally flew to Ireland and which final preparations were necessary like: Where will I store my stuff? What to leave there? What to pack...? Anything else?