Where we feel, we live- welcome back to Mexico!

I am back in Mexico and it feels really good to be here again after more than one year.


After a little unnecessary drama at the airport in Cancun - caused by myself... - I arrived safe and sound in the city. I walked through the streets those are so familiar to me. Everything was still the same but I felt differently. It was like watching myself from outside and I could see and feel my development during the last months. 


I felt so much lighter (even if I carried 30kg on my back and front ;-) ) and I felt more confident in general. Often we can see our development when we come to familiar places or when we are in a familiar situation again. 



Yes it feels good to be back again. I feel very welcome here and almost forgot that Mexicans in general are very open towards foreigners. 


Similar feeling like 3,5 years ago when I left Germany

The last weeks it felt similar like I left Germany in January 2014. Even if back than it was a much bigger step but the feeling was almost the same. A feeling of fear and seeing a wall... What would I do after my tour... What if...?


Actually I could slowly freed myself from those thoughts and beliefs. It helped me especially when an old friend from Münster came to Barcelona and we talked openly about everything. He is a very clear and just great person. It opened my eyes and let me calm down. So the last days before I left Barcelona my feelings changed as my thoughts changed. I felt ready and it felt right!



Arrival in Cancun and my little-drama-queen side

When I arrived at the airport in Cancun and got my stuff I was really happy! After passing the immigration area, I bought like usual a ticket for the bus and walked to the bus station. My plan was to go for sure for a swim in the warm and salty water. I imagined myself already swimming around and being happy like a little girl.


In Barcelona I almost never went into the sea due to it is just too cold for me (yes, I am quite a “pussy”...).


So I was waiting for my bus when I check my bus ticket to go to Cancun City. Well... it did not say Cancun City but Playa del Carmen. Now I understood why I received less change back... My day dream about swimming in the sea just disappeared.


So I went back to the entrance of the airport and I knew it was forbidden to go back to it. The security told me friendly I could not go there. So I put myself into the panic tourist mood even if I knew everything was not that bad. It was like watching myself from outside like watching an actor.. I explained that the lady behind the desk did a mistake and I need to change my ticket. So the security guy smiled and went with me to the lady. She was quite pissed off due to I set her quite under pressure to change the ticket. And I could watch the situation from outside and thought at the same time “ok... it will work out for sure but is it really necessary?”. So like a little girl I got what I wanted by spreading panic for nothing serious. 

Fixing my bad conscious...

I went back to the bus station with the right ticket and during waiting for the bus I had to laugh about myself and at the same time I was quite ashamed as well...


I had the urgent need to fix this situation. What I did was that I took one of the butterflies (I always gave them to my hikers after a hike as little gift) and gave it to a coworker of the lady. I said to the coworker that it would be great if she could give the lady at the desk this little butterfly as gift and tell her that I was sorry for “ponerme muy cabrona”. The girl smiled and said she would give it to her.   


Night swim under the beautiful moon

When I arrived in my hostel it was already dark outside. But I had still my plan to go for a swim! So I throw my stuff into it, put a bikini on and went straight to the street where the so-called colectivos departure to the big hotel resorts and beaches.


I got off the colectivo and asked some Mexicans where the next beach would be. They said it would be around the corner. So I walked around but could not find it... But there was a huge luxury hotel resort which looked more like a big shopping mall. Well, they would have for sure a beach... 

Just keep walking...

I walked to the huge entrance and greeted friendly the stuff. I realized that all guests had a orange paper bracelet wrapped around their wrist. Luckily my orange rubber bracelet looked almost like one of those... Just keep walking straight to the beach...


On my way I passed some cocktail bars and a huge swimming pool. A woman was singing in Spanish on a small stage accompanied by a piano player. It was already dark and there were some torches that gave the beach a romantic and calm atmosphere. Still nobody seemed to notice me...

How does it feel?

I made it to the beach and before I did anything I just soaked in the beautiful atmosphere there: the moon with Her cold but protective light which gave a reflection on the waves. There were a big cloud far away and from time to time I could see thunderbolts crossing through it. I took a deep breath and just asked my heart like I did it with my hikers on my hike: How does it feel?

It felt right to be here. It felt I was welcome. Then I took my t-shirt and shorts off, dropped my small backpack in the sand and walked slowly into the warm and lovely sea... It was a beautiful moment to feel the soft sand under my feet and the warm and salty water on my skin and lips. Yes, it felt right to be here.

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Swim under the moon in Cancun


I am more me when I have space and just outlines to create

In Cancun I visited the Isla Mujeres and talked to different people and explained that I would come back with a group of lovely girls soon. So the people were very excited and offered me there help. Like a Mexican guy I have met on the ferry to come to the island. He runs a golf caddy rental on the island or a woman from Argentina who has a little lovely cafe close to a bike rental. Yes, it feels nice and also easy going to be back. 


Impression of Isla Mujeres
Impression of Isla Mujeres

I also feel much better what I felt slightly in Barcelona: that I am much closer to myself and that I can be more me and move when I am having lots of space and just some outlines in which I can create.



Thank you very much for ready my story! Now I cannot wait to share all of this beautiful places and magical atmosphere with my group soon. 

Cancun best quesadilla
Yummy quesadilla in my favorite Quesaderilla in Cancun
Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres

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